Juventus Star Dybala Recovers From Coronavirus After Testing Positive Four Times

Paulo Dybala
Juventus Player Dybala

Juventus forward Paulo Dybala has fully recovered from coronavirus, the Serie A giants have announced.

Dybala confirmed on March 21 that he and his girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini, had contracted the deadly coronavirus.

The Argentine, who has previously failed four tests, will no longer be subject to home isolation, after undergoing a double check on Wednesday.

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A statement from Juventus reads: “Paulo Dybala performed, as per protocol, a double check with diagnostic tests (swabs) for Coronavirus-Covid 19, which came back with negative results. The player has, therefore, recovered and will no longer be subjected to the home isolation regime.”

Reacting to the news, Dybala added on social media: “Many people talked in the past weeks… but I can finally confirm that I am healed.