Sooner Or Later, Gambari Would Become Part Of Cabal In Buhari’s Govt : Adibe

New CoS, Gambari

Jideofor Adibe, professor of political science says Ibrahim Gambari, chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, will not be able to solve the problem of a cabal in government.

Speaking on Politics Today, a Channels Television programme on Wednesday, Adibe also a columnist says it is normal for such ‘small cliques’ to exist in any organisation no matter how Democratic it is.

“Professor Gambari is not going to solve the problem of cabals in government. In political science we have what we call the ‘iron law of oligarchy’, that any organisation no matter how democratic they may have started, because authorities would have to be delegated, there would be competition in various centres of power to capture access or to exercise disproportionate influence,” he said.

“So a small clique will always become triumphant, which means that anytime you talk about government, you talk about struggle for state capital, you talk about cabal.

“Everyone will be cabal, sooner or later he will become part of the cabal that he would be able to exercise disproportionate influence.”

The columnist said Nigerians should not expect much from him.

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“The president has a team of economic advisers, he has a minister of finance, he has a task force on COVID-19 and others. His job, as far as I can make it, is to advise,” he said.

“He looks at some of the positions that are being presented to the president and streamline them – narrow down the options. Sometimes, he doesn’t do this alone, he has his own staff, his own consultants to look at some of the proposals that are being sent to the president.”