DMW Artist, Lil Frosh Reportedly Beats His Girlfriend Beyond Recognition (Video)

Lil Frosh
Up and Coming Artiste Lil Frosh

Lil Frosh, a budding artist signed to Davido’s record label, DMW, has just been accused of beating his girlfriend beyond recognition.

His girlfriend’s brother took to Instagram to reveal the situation that has been going on behind closed doors. His handle is @mayoks_micheal. Lil Frosh’s girlfriend’s handle is reported to be @thacutegeminme.

Part of his post reads:

“@thacutegeminme my client and sister has suffered enough!!! We have kept quiet enough @Ihillfrosh You have done enough damage for almost a year and you have brought her nothing but horror, pain and disaster. 

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I remember the first time I found out about you beating her on Monday 22nd of June @official_lyta team reached out to me wanting to use her for his musical video shoot but she kept on saying you didn’t like it not knowing you had beaten her to pulp and she couldn’t face the world with so much Bruise. Their team begged to double the money but she couldn’t take the job because of you”

A video of her being attended to in the hospital has also been made available online.

See the full post below:

His girlfriend’s brother’s post
His girlfriend’s brother’s post

Watch the video below:

See her pictures below:

Lil Frosh’s girlfriend
Lil Frosh’s girlfriend
Lil Frosh’s girlfriend



  1. everyone is busy condenming without any prove, from personal experience some of this so called victims are actually the aggressor in the issue, someone even claimed the lady is naked yet there was no indication of that , please let us be objective when reviewing this kind of situation, and this video at times is been use to damage the reputation of the man , so let us be wise!. i experienced a suppose wife attacking her husband and calling their daughter video the episode inorder to provoke the man to retaliates, and she play the audio to her family to present the as attacking her, but the video rather proves after careful analysis to everyone that she rather the aggresor, and she also prime their children to look at the as the aggressors by telling them that their is bad!

    • yes, this comment is true because the person that post this video should let us know the motive behind this video recording, two, how did she sustain her injury, thirdly what led to this altercation! everyone should have the fear of GOD before assuming what the destroyer want !
      atleast the marriage is or association is like this let them seperate and go their seperate ways peacefully!