Godfatherism That Sacrifices Competence Is Bad: Minister

Godfatherism That Sacrifices Competence Is Bad: Sunday Dare
Sunday Dare, Nigeria’s sports minister

Minister of youth and sports development, Sunday Dare has expressed that godfatherism that sacrifices competence “for something” else is bad.

The Minister made this remark at the official unveiling of the Lead Generation Initiative (LGI) in Abuja on Thursday.

Dare, at the event, stated that godfatherism in its entirety, is not bad.

LGI, a non-political organisation, focused on empowering the youth to be leaders is founded by Shina Abiola-Peller, a member of the house of representatives.

The minister further expressed that anybody referred to as a godfather must have “paid their dues” and have some level of influence.

‘In the context of our own politics, a godfather is someone who sits there, takes all the decisions, decides who gets what, whether it is resources or positions,” he said.

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“So before you can become a godfather you must have paid some dues, you must have a level of influence, you must have some craft and made some sacrifices overtime.

“But beyond that we also have godfathers for our children. I think it is important, and I am being careful in responding to this, even though we call it godfathers in our climes, I can tell you that in other political crimes they go by other names.

“The concept of godfatherism simply means that there are some individuals or influential people who have the levers of control when it comes to political decisions.

“For me, in its entirety, godfatherism isn’t bad, godfatherism that sacrifices competence for something else is bad.”