Don’t Be Pressured Into Doing A Wedding You Can’t Afford – Actress Juliana Olayode

Don't Be Pressured Into Doing A Wedding You Can't Afford - Actress Juliana Olayode

Nigerian actress, Juliana Olayode has advised people to cut their coat according to their cloths as regards planning their wedding ceremony.

Olayode, also known as Toyo Baby, made this appeal via a live video on her Instagram page.

She said that women should stop pressuring their would-be husbands into planning a big wedding party at the expense of their savings.

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Olayode added that there’s nothing wrong with holding a small parlor party for the wedding reception.

She further noted that it’s not wise to throw a lavish wedding party and thereafter start paying creditors simply because there’s pressure from friends to make the ceremony grand.

Watch the video HERE