Alex Ekubo Writes Open Letter To 2022

Alex Ekubo has taken to his social media to pen down open letter to 2022 as it approaches.

The star says the year should send its user manual ahead of time so we can read the terms and conditions based on what 2020 and 2021 showed us.

Alot has been on most especially the hardship and the deadly covid-19 and the star has decided to ask 2022 asking it to send its user manual ahead of time for us to go through first.

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According to him, 2020 and 2021 showed us so much because we clicked ‘agree all’ without reading hence 2022 should send its user manual ahead of time so we can carefully read its terms and conditions to know what to expect.

It’s not as if the year 2022 has a manual as Alex Ekubo insinuated but we believe all he’s trying to say is that since 2020 and 2021 didn’t take it easy or lightly with us, 2022 should make things easy but seems to have forgotten that as time goes on, things will even get harder than what we’ve been through.