Bedridden Man Weds Love of His Life In Benue State (Photos)

Terkimbir Benjamin Tyough got married in spite of his ailment
A man who fell from an electric pole and injured his spinal cord has finally gotten married to the love of his life.
The 45-year-old bedridden man identified as Terkimbir Benjamin Tyough has been seeking N1.5m since March for a spinal cord surgery.
He married his 27-year-old partner in Benue state.
According to TheNation, Terkimbir Benjamin Tyough, an electrician, fell off an electric pole and injured his spinal cord.
He was rushed to hospital but has since been taken home for failing to provide the surgery cash.
Officiating priest, Father Kenneth Agede, who described the wedding as a true demonstration of love, appealed to Nigerians to help the groom get back on his feet.
“It will be a shame to humanity, Benue State and Nigeria to leave this man to die because of N1.5million. This is not a deathbed wedding because his condition is not terminal. He can walk again and enjoy his marriage if we pay for his surgery,” the priest said.
Bedridden Tyough lives in a crammed one-room apartment in Welfare Quarters, Makurdi with his spouse, Christiana Ngumimi Pine and their all-male three children.
Speaking to journalists shortly after the wedding, the wife said she loves her husband and is committed to living with him forever despite his poor health.
“I have made my decision to live with him out of love. I am praying and hoping that God will touch the hearts of good people to sponsor the surgery of my husband, but even if that does not happen I will love him to the end,” Christiana said.
The wedding took place on December 11, 2021 at their residence in Welfare Quarters Makurdi.