Lai: It’s Shallow Talk To Say Buhari Has Not Done Enough To Tackle Insecurity

Lai: It’s Shallow Talk To Say Buhari Has Not Done Enough To Tackle Insecurity
Lai Mohammed

The narrative that President Muhammadu Buhari has not exhibited enough empathy for the country’s security crisis, according to Lai Mohammed, minister of communications and culture, is “glib” talk.

Mohammed told a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday that the country’s security situation would have been worse if Buhari had not taken office in 2015.

Despite the fact that banditry and kidnapping have exacerbated the country’s insecurity, the minister stated that the president has continued to give the necessary leadership.

“Today, we only look at the current situation, without wondering what would have been had this president not taken the bull by the horns, as far as security is concerned,” he said.

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“Banditry and kidnapping have added to the state of insecurity, President Buhari has also continued to provide quality leadership in order to ensure that our security agencies decisively tackle the cankerworm of insecurity.

“No administration in Nigeria’s recent history has provided the security agencies with the hardware needed to tackle insecurity as that of President Buhari, in addition to raising the morale of our security men and women.

“Only last week, the president commissioned an armada of naval boats and ships in the latest effort to enhance our nation’s maritime security. The skewed narrative in certain quarters that the President has not shown enough empathy is glib talk.

“President Buhari is leaving a legacy of security, infrastructural development, economic prosperity and social cohesion for Nigeria.

“This may not seem obvious today, amidst daunting challenges, but posterity will be kind to this president.”