Susan Peters Slams Fake Rumour As Christmas Approaches

Susan Peters has taken to her social media to hilariously slam fake rumours that she does not eat chicken, turkey and goat meat as the festive period approaches. 

The star stated that she has been hearing such rumours as she now made it known that she has never attempted to stop eating.

“Please be informed that somebody is trying to cause a false alarm by spreading a dangerous rumour that I have stopped eating chicken, turkey and goat meat. I, therefore, wish to state categorically that at no time did I ever attempt to stop eating chicken, turkey and goat meat. Nor did I ever contemplate such a dangerous idea – let alone dream about it.”

In her words, Susan stated they are lies fabricated by people who wants to prevent her from enjoying this period. 

“These are lies fabricated by my enemies who want to tarnish my hard-earned “protein-friendly” reputation by preventing my family and friends like you from offering me chicken, turkey and goat during this festive period.”

She however, begs her fans to make sure they send her meats of all kind as she adds other things she will appreciate.

I beg you all to stay calm and vigilant and ignore the rumour. Shame these miscreants by sending me the chicken, turkey and goat you intended to send.Please don’t forget to add a bag of rice and soup ingredients. I am investigating the source of this malicious” Susan says. 

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