Benin Girls Complain Alot, Speed Darlington Recounts Experience

Speed Darlington has posted on social media about his recent sexcapade in Abuja.

The rapper claimed in a video that a Benin girl he stayed with during a recent trip to Abuja complained the entire time she was there, and he ended up using two condoms without ejaculating.

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He admitted that the experience enraged him, and he ended up paying the lady one-third of the amount he had promised her for the night.

He recalled that during his previous tour to Abuja, he had two girls to himself during the first visit and two more during the second visit.

He described the two girls he met during the second visit as a “Hausa girl” and a “Benin girl,” respectively.

Speed Darlington claimed that while the Hausa female was pleasant to him, the Benin girl was not. He, on the other hand, cut off the Hausa girl’s because she smoked crack. “Benin girls are not fun, they complain a lot,” the rapper concluded.

Watch video below: