You Said You Might Die Before Tomorrow – Heartbroken Friends Mourn Man Killed During Ibadan Robbery Attack

Many heartbroken friends and family members of Mubarak Sulaiman, who was killed by the armed robbers that attacked a bullion van around Idi-Ape area of Ibadan on Thursday, February 10, have taken to social media to mourn him.

A trained biomedical scientist, Arabic Language tutor, consultant, and coach, Sulaiman was hit by a stray bullet fired by the robbers who killed two police officers, two civilians and carted away millions of Naira from the bullion van.

One of Sulaiman’s friends, Akinkunmi Akinpelu, in a post shared on his Facebook page, stated that the deceased might have had a premonition of his death. Akinpelu shared the last conversation he had with Sulaiman, where the deceased requested to make payment for a service immediately stating that he may not be alive the next day.

”Mubarak Sulaiman Olanrewaju You said you might die before tomorrow as if you have known that you’re going to killed today

I never knew you, but your demise hit me real deep, because like every other fathers like us who left home, we got back home but yours was to al barzakh (Life in the grave).

May Allah accept your return and forgive your shortcomings.

May Allah strengthen those you left behind especially your wife.

My brethren!

We walk with our heads high up in the sky, unaware that one day we’ll be trapped 6′ Feet under the ground.

Our death and meeting with our Creator is approaching and yet our biggest worry is what are we going to wear tomorrow?

May Allah honour us with a good End.”

Another friend, Ibrahim Ismail wrote; “Mubarak Sulayman was a vibrant scholar, who graduated from the University of Ibadan, and earned his postgraduate degree in the same university.

“Our hearts ache for your departure, brother Mubarak. And we say nothing except what pleases our Lord.”