Fayemi: We Should Have Outgrown Tribalism — But 2023 Is A Chance To Make A New Nigeria

Fayemi: We Should Have Outgrown Tribalism — But 2023 Is A Chance To Make A New Nigeria

Kayode Fayemi, governor of Ekiti, believes 2023 offers a new opportunity for Nigerians to make the country of their dreams.

On Saturday, Fayemi spoke at a symposium in Abuja to commemorate Hamzat Lawal’s 35th birthday.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with Nigerian politics, saying that “we should have outgrown racism, tribalism, and ethno-religious biases.”

He went on to say that it is past time for Nigerians to stand up and struggle to resolve the country’s problems.

“I call on all of you to love this country and imagine it as a major world power in no distant time,” Fayemi said.

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“Nation building is an unfinished business but for every generation there is always a pressing business that must be done urgently. These challenges that ail our country today provide us with the opportunity to take a position and take a stand and work for the resolution of such challenges.

“Nigeria will belong to those who are prepared to stand up, stand firm and take control of their destinies. Like Hamzat has elected to do, we can all do our beat in our little ways to cause a beautiful change that will lead us to make our country and indeed the world a better place.

“We all just need to build a consensus around major issues of concern and develop a national template for some irreducible behaviour in leadership positions.

“I am personally uncomfortable with the practice of our politics and our political conversations. We should have outgrown bigotry, tribalism and ethno-religious biases. It is time to rekindle the candle of a new Nigeria and the coming transition provides another opportunity for us to take a new dive as to making a new Nigeria of our dreams.”