“My Idea Of Love Revolves Around Polygamy” – Blaqbonez Reveals In An Interview


Nigerian rapper, Emeka Akumefule, popularly known as Blaqbonez has shared his opinion on love while also stating the reason he is not in a relationship.

Blaqbonez has been known for preaching ‘sex over love’ and took it further with his just concluded concert which he tagged ‘Breaking the Yoke of Love’ which was held a day before Valentine’s Day.


In a recent interview with Beat FM, Blaqbonez revealed that the reason he is not in a relationship is that he is yet to find a person who understands his own idea of love.

According to the 26-year-old Nigerian rapper, his idea of love revolves around polygamy, and as such, he finds it hard to love just one woman.

“I’m not in any relationship. I’ve not found anybody that agrees with my idea of love. My idea of love revolves around polygamy. I don’t have it in me to love one woman.

“All my life, that’s how I’ve always been. I used to think something was wrong with me and people will just tell me you’ll find true love. But enough time has passed for me to realize that this is who I am.

“It is not like I don’t care about people genuinely but the moment I get boxed in and it feels like this is the only person I’m supposed to be me like my whole system doesn’t agree with that. And it just ends up ruining everything.”

This new revelation about Blaqbonez explains his stance on love and further show people that he is not against love but just has a different outlook of love entirely.