Lady Shares Her Experience With Little Niece Who Wanted To Unlock Her Phone

A Nigerian lady recently took to Twitter to share her experience with a little niece who attempted to unlock her smartphone.

The lady identified as @Caramel_lima on twittee narrated how creative her niece got with her smartphone.

She narrated that her niece asked her to unlock her phone so she could watch cartoons on it. She didn’t reply and the little girl took off with the smartphone to the living room.

She found her trying hard to unlock her phone with her photo on the family portrait.

She tweeted:

“My niece asked me to unlock my phone so she could watch cartoon on my phone, I didn’t answer her, next thing she took my phone out of the room and I was looking for her. Just guess where I found this babe? In front of our family portrait, trying to unlock my phone with my picture”.