Nigeria Is Not Worth Dying For – Erica Nlewedim

Famous Nigerian actress and Big Brother Naija star, Erica Nlewedim has advised Nigerians who have the money to afford to relocate to better countries to leave as she deems the country unworthy to die for.

In a post shared on her official Twitter account, Erica Nlewedim advised Nigerians who have enough money to afford traveling abroad to have a plan B; that is a country they can run to if anything is to happen as the people of Nigeria have proven that they don’t care about the welfare of the country.

She added the country is worthless and unworthy for anyone to shed his or her blood for.

“Nigeria is not worth dying over, the Nigerians too don’t even care so if you have the money, let another country be your plan B!”

Looking at the state of affairs of the Nigerian country, considering the recent terror attacks, rise in criminal activities and killing of the innocent, Erica’s claim is not too far from the truth.


  1. Very good idea but will not encourage anyone to ran away from this country. All what we are seeing shall also pass away. Nothing last for ever With prayers and God on our side it shall be well again in Jesus name. The situation of this country is find in Ps 126 so surely this shall be our song IJN Whatever has a beginning must have an end. Let us have faith in God Almighty It does not cost him anything to be merciful unto us and bless this nation again.