BBNaija Reunion: Angel’s Friendship With Cross Bites The Dust, Saskay’s Love Chemistry

The ninth edition of the Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Reunion was about the friendship between Cross, Angel and Saskay’s love chemistry with Cross.

The show started with a video of the steamy moments between Angel and Cross while they were in the biggie house but the duo refuted the claims of having more to their friendship.

According to the two reality TV stars, they are just friends having good times and had each other’s back inside and outside the show.

So for Angel, the reason why she and Cross quarrelled a lot in the house was that Cross was hypocritical.

He was always flirting with ladies in the house but complained about her doing the same thing with male housemates.

Angel also said that Cross loves Saskay and there was sexual chemistry between them.

Responding, Cross said while in the house, he wanted to know more about Angel’s personality, the reason he cared about her and found her interesting.

When asked by the show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu why he was always quarrelling with Angel, Cross said he had no idea why they were always quarrelling in the house.

Angel who seemed not comfortable with the energy she received from Cross said after the show she felt Cross didn’t want people to know they were friends.

She stated that Cross would DM her pictures with a comment instead of leaving the same comment on her posts but Cross said their friendship kept going off and on outside the house.

He said: “Sometimes, I’d call her, and she’ll not pick up. Then, I’ll try again weeks later, and then maybe she’d pick up…. I was praying for her all this time.”

According to Angel, because she never wanted more in the friendship, she opened up to Cross about having a new boyfriend.

Cross responded by saying he was hurt when Angel told him she had a boyfriend because she didn’t carry him along considering how they spoke regularly about each other’s life.

On “hiding” their friendship, Cross said he wanted Angel to be Angel and Cross to be Cross outside the house.

Angel and Cross confirmed that they didn’t accept gifts from CrossGel fans who wanted them to be in a romantic relationship.

Angel also listed instances of her “acts of service” to Cross which include driving from her house on the Island to the mainland to cook for him and giving him money during their Dubai Trip.

Cross said he was also there for Angel emotionally and he’s willing to refund the money he was given during the Dubai trip.

The show ended with Angel and Cross confirming that their friendship has ended.