Deputy Governors Are Spare Tyres — Tonto Dikeh

Two days ago, Nollywood actress turned politician, Tonto Dikeh, was announced as the deputy governorship candidate under the platform of the African Democratic Congress in Rivers State.

The actress would be the running mate of the party’s flagbearer, Tonte Ibraye, for the 2023 general elections.

However, while answering questions on Sunday Politics, a programme on Channels Television, Dikeh, explained what she understands to be the role of a deputy governor. According to Dikeh, a deputy governor can be likened to a ‘spare tyre’.

She said, “What I say might be a little bit controversial but nevertheless, it is the truth, a deputy is a spare tyre and I am willing to be the best spare tyre that any governor has ever had.”

Acknowledging that she is a controversial personality, the delectable actress noted that the controversies that trail her have nothing to do with her beliefs.

“I am extremely controversial does not mean that I am not loyal to what I believe in. I believe in change; I believe in good governance. I believe in giving opportunities to women and youths in my government. The inclusion of them in decision making. With that, I do not think I have a mind to change.

“I can change in things that do not really make sense but when it comes to people that I love, I don’t change. It is static. It is either white or black,” Dikeh said.

The mother-of-one further noted that she is prepared for the criticism that will come her way due to her decision to run for the deputy governor of Rivers State.

“I am ready for the criticism that would come as a result of me joining politics. We have had about three years to work on it. I did not just wake up one morning to join politics. I don’t care where the question is coming from.

“I have failed in my life and I am not denying that. Everybody has seen that but have I ever failed with leadership? Start from motherhood. Have I ever failed with my foundation? I am prepared for any criticism because I know it will come,” she said.