Stay Away From Me – Laide Bakare Warns Colleagues

Laide Bakare
Laide Bakare

Nollywood actress Laide Bakare has warned her colleagues to stay away from her if they ever meet her in real life.

This is coming after Bakare claimed that her teenage daughter bought a car for her 9-year-old brother.

However, some people expressed disbelief over her claims demanding her daughter’s source of income.

Taking to her Instagram page once again, Bakare called out her colleagues who have spoken trash about her and warned them to stay away from her.

She said, “This is a public announcement. This is a clear warning to anyone from my industry who has gone publicly online to comment trash about me on those gossip blogs and others. If you ever see me anywhere, pls keep your distance or else, you go collect o.”

Bakare had earlier got into an online disagreement with a colleague, Eniola Badmus, in May, over her new cars, with the latter clarifying that she harboured no ill feelings and had only been joking.