Celebrities Campaigning For Politicians Should Not Collect Money From Them – Saidi Balogun

Nollywood veteran, Saidi Balogun has condemned his colleagues who take money from politicians to campaign for them.

In an interview with Daily Trust, the veteran praised the Lagos State government for giving out loans to actors without any interest while also urging his colleagues to campaign for politicians without collecting money from them. Instead, he explained that it would be better to come up with proposals that favour the entertainment industry for the politicians to implement if they come into power.

He insisted that entertainers should demand that the candidate adheres to their proposal before deciding on the campaign.

His words: “Thanks to the Lagos State Government that gave out loans without interest to filmmakers. It is not easy, but I pray that entertainers should campaign for any candidate of their choice without collecting money. Let us go there first with our proposals on how to make the entertainment industry better, telling the politicians that if they come to power, this is what we want. We do not want their money. We can campaign for them for free, but they have to adhere to our proposals.

“But if we go there to collect a large sum of money, they have paid us for the business of the day. So, if they get into power and do not remember us, no one can complain. It will be like a transaction. Campaign for anybody you want, but go to meet them with a proposal that will benefit the industry. Tell them what we want.

“When I became the president of the Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria before I got into power, my colleagues asked for my manifesto, which I presented to them. I was asked questions for months and I answered to their satisfaction. They did not ask for money from me. All they said was that I should go and deliver for them. “Before campaigning for a politician, entertainers should look at what the person had done before seeking power. I know Nigeria is hard, but this is my personal opinion.”