Ngige Misinforming Buhari About Our Strike, Says ASUU President

Ngige Misinforming Buhari About Our Strike, Says ASUU President

According to Emmanuel Osodeke, president of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), President Muhammadu Buhari has been misinformed about the union’s strike by Chris Ngige, minister of labor.

On July 11, Buhari urged the union to rethink its current strike because it is negatively affecting parents and students.

On Thursday, Osodeke said the president would not have made such a comment if he had been properly informed. Osodeke was speaking on the Channels Television program Sunrise Daily.

According to the ASUU president, the union is unaware of the sum that the federal government is claiming is required to end the strike when it comes to negotiations.

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“If the president had been properly briefed by the committee through the minister of education, I don’t think the president would have said enough is enough, go to your class while we are negotiating,” he said.

“It is the labour minister and his group that would have gone to the president to tell him that if we chase out his people, we refuse salary.

“We are not aware of where their so-called figure arrives from. In all our agreement and discussion, we didn’t talk about 1.2 trillion or 2.4 trillion, or whatever. We didn’t.

“We didn’t calculate the quantum of what we would need. We calculated what each member of our union will earn.

“If this man who is telling you this figure can tell a lie that ASUU chased out his members from the negotiation table, why would he not tell a lie about the figure.

“The ministry is churning out fake figures. We negotiated with the ministry of education, so wherever they got the documents is their business.”