Actress Cynthia Okereke Recounts Her Experience In Kidnapers’ Den

Nollywood actress Cynthia Okereke, who was kidnapped along with her coworker Clemson Agbogidi, has described her experience while being held, hostage.

Cynthia expressed her gratitude in a video message on Friday to her coworkers, supporters, law enforcement officials, and other parties involved in their release.

She claimed that for the first seven days of their abduction, they were not fed.

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The actress said: “My people, this is mama Cynthia Okereke, God is a faithful God and I have every reason to say Hallelujah in the land of the living.

“I didn’t know I have people and I have friends, good colleagues, people that care for me, people that can pray for me, verge for me and stand on my behalf.

“My BP is high but to God be all glory for all of you, your efforts, your prayers and your encouragement. Mama Cynthia is alive, I will act for you people and will continue to be acting for your people.

“Me, I will be a late comer there, for good one week, no water no food but today I say to God be all glory forever in Jesus name. God will bless all Nollywood for me.”