Omoni Oboli Regrets Not Showing Love To Her Late Dad

Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli, a Nollywood actress, touched many of her followers emotionally with her post. The actress expressed regret for how she had treated her deceased father.

The movie director wishes she could go back in time and treat her deceased father more respectfully.

Omoni Oboli claimed that she sobbed inconsolably on her morning walk because she missed her father.

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The cast of “Wives on Strike” accused her of neglecting to check on him frequently before his passing.

Omoni Oboli gave her millions of followers the advice to always check in on their parents every day by using herself as an example.

She wrote: “On my walk this morning, I started crying because I miss my dad. I thought to myself, I could have called him everyday and told him I loved him everyday.

Show your parents all the love you can everyday cos one day, you would wish you could give it all up for just one more day!

I wish…just one more day! Give them all the love you can while you still have them”.

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