“70% Of Those Supporting Peter Obi Are Clueless” – Victoria Inyama Says As She Agrees With Daddy Freeze

Peter Obi’s fans have come under fire from Daddy Freeze and Victoria Inyama, who labeled them as ‘obiidiots’ and ‘zombidients’ because they are illiterates and have no justification for backing him.

Daddy Freeze has categorized Peter Obi supporters as ‘zombidients’ and ‘obiidiots’ because they don’t understand why they are backing him.

Fans of Peter Obi, including some celebrities, are just joining the crowd and have no concept of what they are supporting, according to him.

Daddy Freeze claims that some real people are supporting Peter Obi because they agree with his worldview.

He added that the ‘Zombidient and obiidoits’ only back him wholeheartedly and are ready to attack anyone who disagrees.

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In the comment area, Victoria Inyama supported his statement.

She said 70% of those supporting Peter Obi are illiterates since they have no knowledge or any notion as to why they are supporting Peter Obi.

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