Marketing for Online Casinos

There are currently more than seventy-five thousand different providers of online casino games on the internet. How do they ensure that they still get visitors? What are the secrets of their marketing? Here you will find the answer.

The First Group of Casino Entrepreneurs

The online casino industry is basically one of the first industries to realize the importance of having a good marketing strategy on the internet to promote their services.

As a provider of slots, blackjack, baccarat, and poker or (بوكر), this is of course vital! With the advent of the Internet, it soon became apparent that people used the Internet not only for informational purposes, but that most people also liked to play a game on the computer.

It has been known for hundreds of years that many people are attracted to gambling. It was therefore not long before the first online opportunities were offered to take a gamble and play for real money via the internet. Soon the existing casinos jumped on this and converted their slot and slot machines into digital form. There seemed to be a great need for online casinos. The benefits for the players are enormous!

  • At the online casino you don’t have to worry about meeting someone you know
  • Always available. slotxo online casino is always open. You no longer have to take opening hours into account. And with the arrival of the mobile casino, this accessibility has only increased! Many visitors to the mobile casino indicate that they log in while travelling or on the road.
  • Enjoy a game of poker for real money from the comfort of your armchair. You no longer have to dress up especially for it, no more travelling by car or public transport to the nearest casino when you feel like playing a game of Blackjack for real money. Or play a round on one of those beautiful slot machines. When you have an internet connection, access to one of the casinos is possible.

How Do They Ensure Customer Loyalty?

Nowadays, you can play all the slot games you can think of on the internet. From roulette to the most diverse variants of Poker, whether or not against real opponents with whom you can come into contact via video images.

Online casinos are now masters in marketing their online business. They know all the technical tricks, such as the use of keywords and the incorporation of various relevant links to increase search engine optimization. But once a customer is in, they do everything they can to make that customer come back for the next visit.

Bonus points are promised to returning customers, free spins are given away that you can only use if you log in the next day, Christmas gifts and so on. But the most important is of course, the enjoyment of the game. The free bonus offered can be beautiful. If the game is not fun, it will not attract customers.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC ads, if you get your targeting in order, are clearly “targeted” advertising. And as long as you exclude young people under 24, this method is also allowed after January 1, 2023.

Gambling companies have been spending an increasing share of their marketing budget on PPC campaigns since the 2018 advertising ban.

One downside of PPC for online gambling is that it can be outrageously expensive. In the UK, advertising in Google Adwords for searches such as ‘slot machines real money’ or ‘real live roulette’ easily costs 100 euros per click or more!

In other European countries, Google only allows advertisements from gambling sites with a license from the Gaming Authority.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate (casino marketing) is also primarily ‘targeted’. Think of websites with reviews of online casinos, tips for sports betting or explanations about gambling games. Affiliate sites are often SEO-driven, get their traffic mainly through Google search results, and their visitors are, therefore, actively looking for information about online gambling.

Not to mention the streamers playing online slots – this is an amazingly popular genre on YouTube. Lead generation, settled on a CPL basis, is also rising in the online gaming industry.


Speaking of SEO: what affiliates can do, the gambling companies can do too, and often with much larger budgets.

In most countries where online gambling has been legalized, you will see over time that the gambling sites themselves take the top positions in Google for searches such as ‘online casino’ and ‘online roulette’. Because of their large budget and because it makes sense that someone who is looking for an online casino is the first to be suggested an online casino by Google.

Direct Traffic

Not an active marketing method, but an acquisition channel: direct traffic, so people who simply type the URL of a gambling site into the address bar of their browser – people who type the site’s name into Google are also included here.

Online gambling has been legal in many European countries during the period between 2005 – 2011. In that time, many gambling brands have built up an excellent reputation. Direct traffic is now the main source of new players for the best-known gambling sites.

In the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, the companies that have launched a carpet bombardment of advertising in the past nine months, will benefit from such direct traffic. As the cost per click of Google ads in these countries is lower compared to the UK.