Don’t Marry An Illiterate – Sandra Iheuwa

Nigerian businesswoman Sandra Iheuwa has urged educated people never to marry illiterates.

The estranged fourth baby mama and wife of Ubi Franklin and Steve Thompson, respectively, also advised people against settling down with useless and wicked partners.

She said that marrying an illiterate or a dropout when you possess a master’s degree would deny you the privilege of having meaningful and intellectual conversations because there would be a considerable disparity in your levels of reasoning.

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She wrote: “In whatever you do, make sure you marry a kind partner, not a useless and wicked one….this goes to both genders.

“I forgot to add this one….this one is very important. Don’t marry an illiterate….just imagine having a masters degree and your partner is a high school dropout, the level of thinking won’t be the same… You can’t have a meaningful intellectual conversation with this person… will never work.”