Borrowing From Your Children Without Intention To Pay Back Is Manipulative – Daddy Freeze Tells Mothers

Daddy Freeze, a controversial on-air personality, has advised mothers to stop taking money from their children without the intention of returning it.

He made this comment in response to an Instagram post from a user who stated that when it was time to repay the money his mother had loaned from him for a bag, she made up amusing excuses.

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The account with the handle, @Dekunle27 wrote, “I borrowed someone €350 to buy bag, e reach time to collect am back, she’s telling me she carried me for nine months. “In response to this, Daddy Freeze claimed it’s manipulation under disguise and should be avoided.

He wrote: “Let’s be careful of what we normalize. This is NOT cute! It’s downright manipulative.

“If your mother wants you to dash her money, she should come out and say so! Also as a child you are obliged to give HER whatever you CAN AFFORD for a bag. Health, shelter etc are priorities, not a bag. But if you can afford it, buy it for her, but be firm enough to let her know that a loan must be repaid.

“I consider myself quite generous as a son or inlaw, but I have zero tolerance for manipulation under any guise. FRZ.”