Woman Gives Birth On Board Lagos To Netherlands Flight

A KLM flight bound for the Netherlands reportedly made an emergency landing with an extra passenger on board after a woman suddenly went into labor mid-air.

According to Aviation24 on Tuesday, the incident happened early Monday morning when one of the passengers on KLM Flight 588, a Boeing 777, suddenly went into labour while flying from Lagos to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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The woman, whose name has not been released, was reportedly taken to the front galley where she gave birth to a premature baby girl.

The plane then made an emergency landing in Barcelona where medical staff were waiting.

Both mother and daughter were said to be doing well.

KLM spokeswoman, Marjan Rozemeijer, on Tuesday, said, “I can confirm that a baby was born on the KL 588 on its way from Lagos to Amsterdam, Due to privacy reasons I cannot make any further statements on the birth.”