“I Almost Lost My Life From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning“ – Ireti Doyle

Actress Ireti Doyle, has shared her horrific story of nearly dying from carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to her, November 19, 2023, was the date of everything.

Having started the day with her loved ones by her side, she revealed that she was feeling content and enthusiastic. However, a visit at a mall during their journey turned into a possibly deadly situation.

Thirty minutes after taking happy pictures of her kids, Ireti shared how she was found unconscious in the car, her mouth frothing and blood running down her nostrils.

She said that carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause, which had crept through the car AC’s vent.

“I almost lost my life from carbon monoxide poisoning“ - Ireti Doyle recounts

Ireti had ingested the hazardous gas unintentionally, as had the driver. She expressed how important it was for divine intervention to have saved her life. Ireti made it clear that she had lived solely because of God’s grace.

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She described how logistics, every resource required, and the top medical personnel in Nigeria just so happened to fall into place.

Ireti also said that she might not have been able to give her testimony if there had been a small change in any one of the variables.

“19th November 2023 …
This is how the day started, happy, bright, excited, surrounded by some of my all time favourite people, scheduled to speak at one of our tertiary institutions on the outskirts of Lagos, and my boys @tha.sage & @dozieonyiriuka had agreed to come with.
Thank God they did, and thank God that we stopped briefly at the mall to connect with Co- travellers and allow my boys to get some refreshments for the trip.
Barely 30 minutes after these pictures were taken by @jem1yo … I was found unconscious in the car that had been sent to ferry us, foaming at the mouth, blood trickling down my nose…
What? Where?? How???
Forget the minutiae. It was a bizarre case of carbon monoxide poisoning… somehow, the gas had found its way through the AC vents, the driver and I sitting in the car, inhaling that sh*t.
The ONLY reason I am alive to tell this story is because God, in His infinite mercy, said NO.
On this day, Jehovah Jireh aligned the best Nigeria had to offer – people, medical personnel, logistics, and every single resource required in that moment and in the following days in my favour. Had ONE thing shifted out of place… I would not be here.
This is a testimony and a teachable moment…
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a thing… and not just from generators. It is silent and it is swift.
God is also real… and He is faithful.
I am a walking, talking, breathing testament to His faithfulness.”