“It’s Dangerous To Sign Guarantors Form For Someone You Know Nothing About – Force PPRO

The Spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, on Saturday, issued warning to Nigerians against signing guarantors forms for people they don’t know.

Adejobi, while responding to a comment via his X handle, about some DPOs who refused to stand as guarantors for youths that applied to join the police academy, argued that it is not compulsory for anyone to stand as guarantor or referee to someone they do not know or trust.

Adejobi said: “It’s not compulsory for anyone to sign for you as a referee or guarantor. You must look for someone who knows you and can vouch for you to be your guarantor.

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“I pity many who sign as guarantors for those they know nothing about. It’s dangerous and could be used against them in the future. You don’t stand as a guarantor for someone you don’t know.

“So, if the DPOs and others are not ready to sign for you, it’s not an offence. You need to look for those who know you. Thanks.”