RMD Celebrates 23rd Marriage Anniversary With Wife

Renowned Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo, also referred to as R.M.D., is celebrating his 23rd wedding anniversary with his wife today.

In a post on his Instagram account, R.M.D. shared a delightful picture capturing a moment of shared laughter with his wife.

The photo, accompanied by Timi Dakolo’s love song “Iyawo Mi,” radiated joy as the couple celebrated their love.

Expressing his surprise at reaching the huge and remarkable milestone of 23 years together, R.M.D. affectionately referred to his wife as a “Abiks” in the touching caption.

”Abiks, how are we even 23 years in this journey of life together? …”

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The actor, known for his powerful on-screen presence, showed a more intimate side as he reflected on their love journey through life.