Cynthia Morgan Criticises Music Industry Over Its Fake Love

Cynthia Morgan, now known as Madrina, a Nigerian singer, has chastised the music industry for its artificial love and friendship.

Madrina claimed in her Instagram story, “There is barely friendship in the industry because people only remember you when you’re trending or they need you to help them kill a beat.”

She admitted that it feels good when such people call her and she declines to collaborate with them as their change in voice makes her laugh.

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Only two people, particularly those she had worked with, came to Cynthia’s aid during her dilemma, according to her account.

She wrote: “There is barely friendship in the NMI. These people will likely only remember you when you are trending it when they hear a beat they feel only you can kill. Not intensional but it always feels good these days when they call me and I tell them am not making music at the moment, their voice always changes”

“During my crisis, Kaha sent me 100k, Samklef 50k. What happened to the tons of artistes I did free collaborations and shows for? Lol”.


Cynthia Morgan calls out the music industry