If I Have A Message For Tinubu, Nobody Can Stop It — Fr. Mbaka

Enugu-based Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, a Catholic priest, said on Monday night that no one can stop him from communicating prophetically.

This was said by him during his 2024 prophesies.

According to Mbaka, he has no control over these kinds of messages.

“I don’t know how it happens to me. I am not boastful of it. It comes to me once in a while. I did not get it through priestly ordination. It has been following me even before I became a Catholic priest,” Mbaka said.

The Catholic priest, who mostly spoke Igbo, maintained that he is not involved in politics, despite what others have accused him of doing.

He declared that he only shares messages that he has received directly from God.

“If I am sent, for instance, to deliver a particular message to (President Bola) Tinubu, nobody can stop it on this earth. I will deliver the message exactly as it was given,” Mbaka said.

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He added, “If I am instructed to say that somebody will not win an election, even if the person is my blood brother, I will tell him about it privately. But if he doesn’t listen, I will say it publicly so that when it comes to fulfilment, I will not be counted among those who supported a failure because I can never support a failure.

“No matter how you want to understand it or misunderstand it, I do not prophesy because I am an ordained Catholic priest. Even if you ask my classmates in seminary school, I have been like that.”