Soldier Allegedly Kills Self Over Depression Inside Ogun Barracks

A soldier of the Nigerian Army, identified as Boyi Thankgod, attached to the 35 Artillery Brigade, Alamala, in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, has reportedly killed himself.

It was gathered that Boyi took his life by shooting himself in the head at the standby duty on Armed Forces Remembrance Day, on Monday.

According to a source at the Ogun Barracks, who confirmed the incident while speaking with Daily Trust, revealed that an investigation is ongoing to reveal the circumstances that led to his action, and all the soldiers present at the time of the incident have been taken into custody.

The source said: “Yes, it’s true. The incident happened yesterday (Monday).

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“The incident truly happened. Since yesterday, the military police have been investigating all soldiers that were there when the incident happened, they were taken to the custody, took their statements and all the normal procedures.

“We are just waiting for the military police officers to conclude the investigation in order to determine what actually led to the incident.”

Another soldier added, “He killed himself due to the depression and low morale in the system, it’s confirmed. He killed himself while on standby duty yesterday.

“His friends said he already showed loss of interest in the army job, complained of corruption in the military and low morale.”

“A soldier killed himself because of RCA ration cash allowances, just imagining soldiers killing themselves due to the poor administration by senior officers.”