“I’m The Reason $1 Is Now N1,700, Power Grid Collapses, Refineries Don’t Work” – Basketmouth Sarcastically Reveals

Bright Okpocha, better known by his stage moniker Basketmouth, responded to a fan and admitted to being the cause of inflation and other ongoing problems in the country.

A netizen on X recently criticised the stand-up comedian, claiming that Basketmouth is part of the problem in Nigeria.

He added that instead of going to vote on Election Day, rather the comedian scheduled a gig for that day.

“Did Basketmouth vote for good governance on election day? Basketmouth that had a show slated for 25th Feb 2023. He is part of Nigeria’s problem,” the tweep wrote.

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Basketmouth responded by admitting that he was the source of the troubles, including the fact that the dollar is exchanged at N1,700.

“Oh yes!!! I guess I am really the problem!!
I’m the reason the $ is now N1,700 and counting.
I’m the one that keeps collapsing the power grid.
I’m the reason the refineries don’t work.
I’m the snake that swallowed $100,000.
I guess i am the one.” Basketmouth wrote.