Mr Ibu’s Daughter, Jasmine Okafor Finally Breaks Silence On Drama With Family

Jasmine Okafor, a content producer and the adopted daughter of veteran actor, Mr Ibu, has finally spoken out about her family issues.

The content creator and Mr Ibu’s son Daniel Onyeabuchi were apprehended by police earlier this year and were awaiting trial. Jasmine, on the other hand, refuted the rumours by posting a video of herself and actor Deyemi Okanlawon on her Instagram page.

Two weeks later, the Nigerian police confirmed it had re-arrested Jasmine and Daniel, also alleging that Mr Ibu was defrauded the sum of N55 million.

The inquiry uncovered text communications between Jasmine and Daniel on WhatsApp that detailed how they collaborated and planned their illicit activities.

It was also revealed that the two had a bogus marriage at the Ikoyi Magistrate Registry with plans to flee the nation to the United Kingdom, where they wanted to settle with their criminal earnings.

Jasmine had reacted to the news, sarcastically stating that the figures she had been accused of were wrong as she had stolen 1 billion, and was responding live from Kiri Kiri prison.

She has now taken to her YouTube page to shed light on the incident, describing how she met the actor, who was a friend of her late father and acted as a father figure to her after his death.

Jasmine declared that rather than characterising the last three months as horrible, she would choose to express gratitude to God in every circumstance.

She admitted that at first she didn’t want to speak up, but that she felt used and mistreated and that she had to tell the truth.

In her words,

“I want to say thank you to everybody, especially those who had faith in me, believed in me, and patiently waited till this day for me to speak out.

The past three months I can’t say it has been hell, but in every situation, I want to give thanks to God. I said I wasn’t going to talk about this issue until Daddy (Mr Ibu) gets back on his feet and glory to God he has been discharged and recuperating. A lot has happened and I would like to shed more light on how I got involved and how things got to this point.

I am not talking because I need people to sympathize with me. I am talking because I feel like I have been abused, and used and I hope you guys are patient enough to listen to the entire story because it means a lot to me.

My dad passed away so many years ago, he was a Nigerian army and was a good friend to Mr Ibu, who is now a father figure in my life. When my dad passed on, Mr Ibu was at the burial, and ever since then has played a father figure role in my life. Fast forward to 2018, I left the country, I left Nigeria to look for greener pastures, and from there I relocated to Cyprus where I was studying law.

Fast forward to 2020, Mr Ibu started writing me on WhatsApp, requesting financial assistance and this was surprising to me because before I left, he was doing well and was almost at the peak of his career. He now opened up to me that he was sick and was in Abuja, while his wife was in Lagos I requested to call her and she told me he had left the house for over two years.

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I didn’t want to speak but things have gotten to a point that I have to speak up my truth”.

She captioned the emotional video with, “Thank you all for your patience, love, and prayers, during this trying period! I have declined lots and lots of interviews simply because I wanted to be able to tell my story exactly the way it happened, sequentially, with facts and evidence. I have uploaded the full video on my YouTube and I will be uploading more evidence there if need be. Obviously, in times like this silence isn’t golden, silence is consent. And I will never consent to allegations based on envy, sentiment, and zero fact
I will be posting bit by bit here”.

Watch video below: