Mr Macaroni Criticises Davido For Allowing His Aide Assault Two Fans Who Wanted To Make Video With Singer (Video)

Popular Nigerian comedian Mr. Macaroni has chastised Davido for allowing his aide to attack two fans who sought to make a video with him in a recent social media post.

Following a video in which his right-hand man Lati attacked two fans for attempting to take photos with the singer at an event, Davido has been making the rounds on the internet.

Taking to his X account, Mr Macaroni responded to the footage, saying it is a sad and dehumanising one from Davido and Lati, and that the assault was unnecessary.

He also recommended fans to seek permission from Davido or other superstars before approaching them for a photo.

He wrote; “This is sad and highly condemnable!!! There is absolutely no need for this assault. This is dehumanizing and I speak against it because I know exactly how this feels. The change that we all seek must begin with us!!!.”

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He added; “Please, if you must take pictures with any of your favorite celebrity, kindly seek permission so that you are not seen as a threat. Respect is reciprocal. We must respect the privacy of our celebrities and Celebrities must also learn to treat our fans with respect and dignity.”