Police In Yellow Bus Arrest Lagos Residents For Preventing Unofficially Dressed Officers Armed With Machetes, Bottles From Arresting Youths Playing Ludo

Some yet to be identified officers of the Area P Police command, who were spotted without uniform, reportedly attacked residents of Aboru area of Alimosho Local Government, in Lagos state with guns, machetes and bottles.

According to The Cable, some armed police officers from the command who were on mufti without any tag, drove a yellow commercial bus to a shop in the area and arrested the youths for playing ludo games.

The residents, however, protested the arrest, saying that the officers were not identifiable and there was no way they could trace the boys to their stations.

Some of the residents also claimed ludo was an indoor game and cannot be tagged a criminal offence.

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The above mentioned media who monitored the event, spoke to one of the officers who insisted that the boys must be arrested for “gambling”.

However, the officers called the command for reinforcement alleging that they were under attack by residents of the area.

INFORMATION NIGERIA learnt that barely few minutes later, about 15 police officers invaded the area with three yellow commercial buses and began to arrest the residents.

The Cable also disclosed that one of the police officers in mufti broke an empty bottle of beer on a car mechanic’s head, adding that the two others attacked the residents with machetes.