“You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have” – Uche Maduagwu Slams Judy Austin Over Sermon To Wayward Ladies

Uche Maduagwu, a controversial Nollywood actor, chastised Judy Austin for criticising young females who lead wayward lives.

Judy Austin spoke to the True Salvation Ministry’s Sunday service attendees about young girls who are leading deviant lives in school.

She asserted that many young girls put relationships and men before their goals and prioritise these things above their studies.

Uche Maduagwu took exception at this comment and quickly attacked Austin’s moral integrity on social media.

The actor, who brought up Austin’s alleged previous conduct, such as becoming pregnant for a married man, accused her of moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

He contended that someone with such a history is unfit to teach others how to live morally.

The actor questioned Austin’s credibility, especially given her current involvement with married man Yul Edochie.

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On his Instagram page, he wrote,

Judy, you no fit give Wetin you no have. Advising ladies to stop living Waywrd Lifestyle when you are currently with Queen MAY #Husband is the height of MORAL and spiritual Bankruptcy.

“Before you advice Naija ladies to leave Man and focus on their studies, look at yourself in the MIRROR of Truth, have you left Queen MAY Husband? You can not be living together with another woman HUSBAND, (YUL), and still be advising ladies to focus on their studies and not men. Wait, and some Ladies are calling both of you their spiritual leader?”