“Don’t Fear Death, Prepare For It” – Yul Edochie Addresses Fans Following Passing Of Mr Ibu

Actor-turned-pastor Yul Edochie took to Instagram following the untimely death of fellow actor Mr. Ibu to share his reflections on the inescapable nature of death.

In his message, Yul advised his fans and followers to accept death as a natural transitional period that everyone must go through rather than dread it.

The actor-turned-pastor emphasised the transient nature of existence, claiming that people come and leave from this world in an endless cycle.

While living in fear of death, he recommended internet users to prepare for the inevitable.

Yul urged individuals to be honest in their interactions with others, to forgive easily, and to apologise for any harm they might have caused.

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He wrote,

“Death is a transition process that awaits us all.
“No matter what we say or do, it must come.
“People come and people go.
“So rather than fear death, we should all prepare for it.
“Be fair in all your dealings with others.
“Forgive easily.
“Apologize when you hurt others.
“Keep your hands & your heart clean.”