I Inspired P-Square, Other Nigerian Artists – Solid Star

Joshua Iniyezo, alias Solidstar, has claimed that his popular song ‘One In A Million’ influenced a new style in the Nigerian music scene.

He stated that after he became famous, many people assumed he was Ghanaian due to his distinct musical style.

In a recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, Solidstar stated that the remix featuring 2Baba influenced P-Square’s hit song ‘Possibility,’ which featured the same artist.

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He said, “It was ‘One In A Million’ that paved the way for me in the music industry. I won the Best New Artist at the Nigerian Music Video Awards with the song. Many even thought I was Ghanaian, they didn’t know I’m Nigerian because my style then was different.

“It was my song [‘One In A Million’] that changed the sound of the Nigerian music industry. It was also the inspiration behind P-Square’s ‘Possibility’ featuring 2Baba.

“The song changed the Nigerian music industry. It came with its unique style. I slowed the tempo down and everyone started copying that pattern.”