Why I Won’t Play Roles Against My Faith — Stan Nze

Stan Nze, a popular actor, has stated that he aims to make an impact with every part he plays.

The movie star stated in an interview with Sunday Scoop, that he has a brand he’s building and he’s being careful with the roles he acts on set.

In his words,

“I am going to play as many roles as I can. However, there are things I will naturally not do, because I know it is against my faith. I can play the role of a robber in a film, but how does the story end? What am I teaching people? Am I just going to collect the money and move on? Apart from one film, I am building a brand and career that wants to change lives. I want to build a body of work that people can watch and say, ‘I enjoy this guy’s films’. I want to make an impact with every project.”

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Nze added that he wanted to be on any good movie.

He said, “I just want to be on any movie that is good. I remember I had to make a decision recently. I am a lead actor in a movie, and playing the role of a supporting actor in another. I know that I did not really feel the story where I was the lead, but I love the story where I am playing the role of a supporting actor. I always consult God when I take a decision. I kept thinking, ‘Would you rather be in a film where you are the one carrying the story and its rubbish, or would you be in a story that has impact and you are a small part in that beautiful piece’? Then, it struck me. I would rather be a small part in a beautiful piece than be a big part of a not so beautiful piece.”