Grammy Is An American Award, Let’s Support Our Own – Joeboy

Nigerian hitmaker, Joeboy recently appeared on “The Big Convo” podcast in Ghana, where he pushed for African superstars to support local award events.

He remarked that instead of focusing entirely on the Grammys, we should unwaveringly support our own African institutions.

Joeboy noted that, while the Grammys have global recognition, they are fundamentally an American prize.

According to him, its popularity stems partly from strategic positioning, yet we frequently elevate it to the role of the highest praise for African musicians.

Joeboy encouraged other singers to prioritise African award shows as much as they do the Grammys.

Apart from accolades, Joeboy stressed the need of funding the regional Afrobeats scene, saying that even while success abroad generates income, we must never forget that we are all going to return home in the end.

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He said,

“I think we should unapologetically be ourselves and also empower our institutions here in Africa…Grammys is a great award but it’s still an American award. It’s just seen as a global award because of its positioning but we make it look like that it’s the biggest award an African artist can ever get.”

“Why don’t we show up for our awards and plan it properly if they didn’t show up for their awards, it won’t be as great as it’s now”.

“I know there’s money to be made there but we need to return home and invest because at the end of the day, we will all have to come back. So it’s all about making sure our infrastructure and institutions are growing.”