“You’re Creating Generational Curse” – Williams Uchemba Cautions Youths Against Being Fetish

Williams Uchemba, a popular humorous actor, has warned young men to avoid engaging in fetish acts for money.

Uchemba’s suggestion came after watching a terrifying video of young men doing avoidable things to get rich.

The actor posted the footage on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, claiming that the boys were ‘Yahoo Plus’ individuals doing voodoo to acquire clients.

Uchemba, who described the men as young boys seeking quick fortune, criticised the behaviour among them.

He categorically identified them as Yahoo Plus users looking for ways to accumulate instant wealth.

Uchemba highlighted the frightening repercussions of such a method of riches acquisition, stating that the devil ensures he takes something far more important before giving them such money.

He claimed that boys like these are destined for eternal torment.

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Captioning the post, he wrote: “This is the fastest way to destroy your life.

“When you hear the sins of the fathers that are passed down to their children, this is it. These guys are the fathers and they are creating generational curses for their unborn children.

“In case you are young and looking to follow this path, I have just one thing to say to you, it won’t end well”.