Phyna Finally Takes Delivery Of UNIK Soap, Long-Awaited 1-Year Supply Of Pepsi, Following Bbnaija’s Prize Dispute

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, commonly known as Phyna, the winner of Big Brother Naija season 7, announced that she has finally received her one-year supply of Pepsi and UNIK soap from BBNaija organisers and sponsors.

This is coming after she clashed with the show’s organisers and sponsors over incomplete awards.

Quidax promised to provide Phyna 1 BTC as part of her prize package, but failed to deliver two years later.

Following Phyna’s recent outburst, they offered her ₦13 million (equal to 1 BTC) in 2022.

Phyna declined the offer and insisted on obtaining 1 BTC, which is currently worth around ₦90 million, according to an Instagram video statement.

She also requested that the reality show’s producers and sponsors supply her with tickets for a two-person trip to the Maldives, which was one of her incentives.

In the midst of this, a fresh social media video revealed that the reality TV star had gotten assurances of the pledges made to her, including a year’s supply of Pepsi and UNIK soap.

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Speaking about the said packages, she said:“Guys, my Pepsi is finally here, yes, one year of Pepsi. Who wants Pepsi? Drink Pepsi. Now travelbeta said I can come with my date so I’m going to give them my date”

She made the statement while sharing a sneak peek of the UNIK soap. The show organisers were also relieved.