“Refrain From Discussing Me Or My Personality” – James Brown Issues Warning To General Public

James Brown, a Nigerian crossdresser, has issued a public appeal to those who are talking about him.

The prominent crossdresser, via his Instagram profile, noted how his name has been mentioned in conversations that do not directly include him.

He responded by politely requesting that they desist from discussing about him or his personality.

James explained that he is just concerned with entertaining his supporters in order to distract them from the pain and dissatisfaction that is prevalent in Nigeria and around the world.

He reminded his supporters that his business is his talent, which includes dancing, acting, modelling, promoting for other businesses, and now making his own film.

James appreciated their interest in him and their unique activist tactics; yet, he wants them everyone to retain a level of respect and limits, citing how everyone has their own life to focus on.

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He wrote,

“Hey Durling I wanted to take a moment to address a matter, that has come to my attention. It seems that my name has been circulating in conversations that don’t directly involve me, and I kindly request that you refrain from discussing me or my personality, because you’ll know I stand to entertain my Durling fans to forget the sorrow and frustration of NIGERIA & the World

You’ll know my business Is my talent, Dance, Act,
model, also advertise different business ® for my lovely Durling you also know I now shoot my own film on JAMESBROWNTV’s latest movie ( TOXIC WINE

While I appreciate your interest & your special activist tactic I believe it’s best for everyone involved to maintain a level of respect & boundaries. We all have our own lives to focus on, and it’s important to prioritize our own well-being. Before someone loses focus on the BAG”.