Why You Should Keep Your Virginity – Reno Omokri Addresses Single Ladies

Media personality Reno Omokri has encouraged single ladies to protect their virginity.

He advised them about the significance of abstinence and sexual purity, as well as the dangers of pursuing relationships with married men.

He also stated that there is nothing that a married man can get them that they will not eventually be able to afford for themselves, particularly cars and expensive hairstyles.

The media personality implied that when a person gets older, they will naturally be able to purchase all of these things for themselves, thus there is no use in dabbling in physical intimacy with married men.

He also stated that they should learn to retain their virginity and avoid being coerced by other females.

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He wrote via X:

“Dear single ladies, given time, there is nothing a married man can give you to lure you into extramarital sex that you can’t get by yourself, including: Car, iPhone, Trip abroad and Bone straight hair.

“Keep your virginity, even if your ‘friends’ flaunt what their sugar daddies bought them. You can buy those things later, but they can’t buy virginity later!”