E-Money, Kcee Vow To Support Late Jnr Pope‘s Children

Emeka Okonkwo, a Nigerian billionaire businessman better known as E-Money, and his musician brother, KCee, have made a promise to the family of late actor Junior Pope.

It is no longer news that the gifted and jovial actor died in April after drowning in Anam River in Anambra State while returning from a film set.

Following his death, the actor was laid to rest on Friday, May 17, 2024.

Celebrities who attended the actor’s burial included E-Money and KCee, who were close to him before his death.

While giving a speech, E-Money promised his family that he would care for his three children until they reached adulthood.

He revealed that the actor’s final words, ‘Na me go train my children,’ moved him and inspired him and KCee to help his family.

He claimed that he would be responsible for food, clothing, shoes, and holidays.

He made it clear that he was doing it not to brag, but because of his previous comment and because Junior Pope was like his blood.

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They said,

“First of all, I want to say may his gentle soul rest in peace. On behalf of me my brother, and friends that are here, we want to say Sorry to the family. Junior Pope was a blessing to this generation; he was a lovely guy, contented and someone we wouldn’t forget in this generation.

It was a shocking story when we heard we lost him because he was like blood to us.

I have a message for everyone here today: before you leave, make sure you touch a life; it’s very important. Some of us are taking this for granted; when we lost this young man, a lot of people did a lot of messy things, but let us remember our own selves if we were in his shoes.

Thanks to everyone who has shown love and support in their own little way. For the family, my brother KCee is the godfather of the first son.

My brother said to me, we are going to pick up the three kids and take of them till they grow. We are saying openly today that we are ready to take care of the kids to the level they can take care of themselves. As far as food, clothes, shoes, and holidays are concerned, we would do it. We are not doing it to show off, but because of the last comment he said, ‘Na only me my mama born and I get 3 children and na me go train them’; those words can’t leave my heart, and we took it upon ourselves that we would support the family”.