Elsie Okpocha Defends Decision To End Marriage With BasketMouth

BasketMouth’s ex-wife, Elsie Okpocha, recently took to Instagram to provide some insights on her relationship with the Comedian.

She addressed enthusiastic netizens who were constantly posting in her direct messages, advising her to return to her husband.

Elsie said that it was wrong for them to do so because no woman truly wants to leave her marriage.

She stated that no one enters a marriage with the aim of leaving, and that for a woman to leave her marriage, she must have exhausted all of her patience and tried every avenue to ensure that it succeeds.

Elsie advised individuals to mind their own business and understand that a marriage does not end due to a lack of effort.

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“Guys I don’t know why a woman would post a picture or a video of her living her life and you go to the comments section to see people commenting like go back to your husband’s house, I know you’re not happy, I know you’re just pretending, how do you know that? Why would you think a woman would wake up and decide to leave her marriage? Just like that? No it doesn’t work that way trust me both parties would have tried to work it out and the point where it’s not working out they go their separate ways that’s how it works, plus it’s not even your business to start with. Why is it a problem that a woman decides to move on with her life and is doing her thing, why do you think it’s okay for you to come and tell her what to do, how about telling the man involved to return to his wife’s house,” she said in part.

Watch the video below…