“How Can I Miscarry 21 Times And Still Remain Normal?” – Nabila Fash Refutes Oritsefemi’s Claims

Nabila Fash, the ex-wife of Nigerian artist Oritsefemi, has denied allegations made by her ex-husband in a recent interview that she had 21 miscarriages during their marriage.

In an interview with media personality Jude Chidonwo, Oritsefemi stated that Nabila had accused him of infidelity and having children behind her back, which he considered a betrayal.

In reaction, Nabila told celebrity journalist Stella Dimoko Korkus on Friday that Oritsefemi’s claims were baseless and should be ignored.

She challenged the credibility of the miscarriage claims, noting,

“How is it possible that I miscarried 21 times and I am still normal? How is it possible that I lost 21 children? Why the lies?”

Nabila insisted that the interview was a distraction and inaccurate.

According to Nabila, who is currently leading the finest life possible, she and Oritsefemi are formally divorced as of March 21, 2024.

The assertion that she sent 20 friends to assault Oritsefemi was refuted by her, who noted that the accusation was a fabrication of his mind and that she doesn’t have so many friends.

Regarding the charge of being unkind to Oritsefemi’s children, Nabila stated that she had an excellent relationship with them, noting that they still speak and that one even contacted her upset about the interview.

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Nabila characterised her marriage as a disaster and recommended young women to exercise caution in partnerships.

“My marriage was a nightmare that I woke up from. I don’t believe in running down an ex, so I will not banter words. God has blessed me and elevated me, and I will not look back in regret. I am not angry and I am at peace. I found closure from all the horrible things that happened. My advice to young ladies is to look before you leap because that jump might land you in deep trouble,” she concluded.