Women Should Remember They have Brothers, Fathers Too – AY Makun To Feminists

A.Y. Makun, a comedian, recently took to social media to speak out against the negative aspects of feminism.

In a tweet posted on the X-platform on Sunday, he stated that the feminism mechanism has caused most women to be against men, particularly those men who have the guts to speak up about difficulties in their relationships.

He explained how it has cruelly placed broken men on a death-on-arrival list in today’s culture.

He also stated that women should never forget that they have brothers, fathers, cousins, and male figures in their lives who are suffering as a result of their gender.

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He wrote,

“The feminism mechanism in the subconsciousness of most women against men who gather the courage to speak up on the things they go through in their relationships has maliciously placed broken men on a dead-on-arrival list in modern-day society. Women should also remember that they have friends, brothers, fathers, cousins, and uncles who are going through a lot in the hands of their gender.”